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Robert is the Owner of Grigore Counselling. He is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist, and a Registered Clinical Counsellor, in Vancouver, BC. Canada.

Robert uses an expert blend of targeted EMDR processing and intuitive coaching that is able to deeply attune to the inner-most emotional needs of all his clients. 

You might say, "healing others" is in Robert's blood, as he comes from a health care background where his father is still a highly respected doctor and heart surgeon in Ontario. 

Robert is the author of the book, "You NEED Therapy. EMDR: Real People, With Real Problems, Getting Real Help." and has been featured in Global News BC, CBC Radio, CTV News, MindBody Radio, and other media.

In just ONE weekend you can expect to cure yourself from problems such as: 

  • Losing self-control and: blowing up, freezing during conflict, or escaping with alcohol or other means.
  • Engaging in behaviours that sabotage your relationships (affairs/infidelity, commitment phobia, inability to open-up and be vulnerable with your partner). 
  • Being overly critical of yourself, feeling weak, or feeling powerless to change your circumstances.
  • Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and pessimistic.
  • Fearing failure in business, damaging your reputation, and harming your social mission.
  • Perfectionism or procrastination.
  • Repeating behaviours from a narcissistic, alcoholic, or abusive parent. 

You don't need to spend years struggling...

When you decide to undergo this remarkable process of self-improvement, you will be getting a COMPLETE healing experience. EMDR works by "targeting" the entire neurological sequence within your brain that is responsible for your symptoms. Essentially, we say that EMDR is a "past, present, and future" healing approach. We go after the root of the problem, not just what's "happening today."

In ONE weekend (3 days), you will see massive improvement in areas like: confidence, self-love, self-control, acceptance, inner peace ... even if it seems impossible right now.

This isn't about learning how to cope better with your problems ... this is about eliminating your problems ->>> FAST!! 

Reputable Sources that Support EMDR:

The ONE & DONE - Total Immersion Package is Right for You if:

  • You don't want to learn how to simply cope with your problems, you want to eliminate them!
  • You know that in order to accomplish a particular job, you need the right tool or strategy.
  • You don't want to wait for months, years, and even decades to fix your problem, you are ready to MOVE ON with your life - NOW.
  • You believe that a well-functioning you is the best form of investment.